Gong Xi Fa Cai (Wishing You Good Fortune) this Chinese New Year

America's Largest Chinese Restaurant Invites All to Celebrate the Year of the Ram

ROSEMEAD, California–Each year, nearly 3.6 billion people throughout China travel home to celebrate the Lunar New Year with loved ones, making it the world's largest annual migration of people. But there's no need to travel far to experience this rich cultural holiday. As 2015's Year of the Ram approaches, Panda Express is bringing a taste of the holiday, Chinese New Year, to guests throughout the communities it serves.

"Chinese New Year is a time to reunite with those you consider family and honor traditions that will usher in happiness and good fortune in the new year. It is a holiday that can be embraced and celebrated by people from all cultural backgrounds," said Andrea Cherng, chief marketing officer for Panda Express. "As America's largest Chinese restaurant, Panda has the privilege of inviting our guests to come together with those they love and join in this celebration."

The 15-day Chinese New Year celebration begins with a family feast (the most important meal of the year) and culminates with a Festival of Lanterns to light the way for the new year. Throughout the celebration, a variety of foods and traditions symbolize elements of a happy and prosperous year to come. Panda Express invites guests to experience these traditions in store and online in a variety of ways: 

Red Envelopes Traditionally given to children during the holiday, you can send a virtual red envelope to someone you love, from starting 1/28 through 2/19. And, on 2/19, guests at all Panda locations will receive a red envelope with a gift of "good fortune" inside.

  • Gold Bars
    Egg rolls are served as a part of celebration meals because of their resemblance to gold bars, a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Guests can download a coupon for a free Chicken Egg Roll redeemable on Panda's Celebration Day on 2/19.
  • Learn With Me
    Educators can download a free Chinese New Year Curriculum Kit to help teach elementary students the cultural significance of the Chinese New Year holiday.
  • Unlock Secrets of the Zodiac
    Kids and adults alike will enjoy this match game of Chinese zodiac signs at that reveals the meaning behind each of the 12 traditional animal signs.
  • Firecrackers
    Firecrackers are used to scare away bad spirits and bad luck. A perennial guest favorite, Panda's Firecracker Chicken Breast, returns to the serving table for a limited time to represent this Chinese New Year tradition.
  • "DIY" Chinese New Year Celebration
    Visit Panda's Pinterest board to learn how to throw your own Chinese New Year celebration, with suggestions for menus, decor, activities and more.
  • Feast With Family (and Friends)
    Panda offers several ways to easily order a Chinese New Year meal to be shared with family and friends. The Panda Family Feast features three large entrees and two large sides; catering orders for larger groups; or group orders -- all of which are available through Panda's online ordering or mobile app so you can quickly pick up your celebration meal. For sample Chinese New Year menu ideas, visit Panda's Pinterest board.

“Chinese New Year celebrates the best of home and family. As a family owned company, we are honored to share this holiday and its rich traditions with our communities," said Cherng. "We wish everyone good fortune, ‘gong xi fa cai,’ for the new year and invite all to celebrate with us.”