Panda Express Introduces Wok-Fired Shrimp Entree as Latest Wok Smart™ Menu Item

An Original Recipe Combines Sweet, Savory and Spicy Flavor Profiles in a Better-For-You Dish Elevated by Wok Hei

ROSEMEAD, Calif. (March 4, 2019) – Panda Express, an American Chinese Original, introduces Wok-Fired Shrimp, its newest Wok Smart™ menu item that brings seared premium shrimp and fresh cut vegetables together in a sweet, savory and spicy entrée. The limited-time, better-for-you dish embraces the signature American Chinese flavors created by Panda Express and marries them with fresh, quality ingredients enhanced by “Wok Hei,” or breath of the wok, which describes the sear and smoke imparted in the dish from traditional wok cooking.

Inspired by the flavors of Hunan cuisine, Panda’s skilled chefs developed a crave-worthy dish that balances the sweet and savory sauce with a burst of heat produced by a variety of chilis. Spotlighting the duality of Panda’s heritage, Wok-Fired Shrimp features premium ingredients including large, marinated shrimp, sugar snap peas, and freshly chopped red bell peppers and yellow onions. All elements are wok-tossed together in an addictive sauce that features chipotle, fresh cut jalapeños and Chiu Chow style chilis, creating an entree that captures the bold flavors found in both American and Chinese cooking.

“The complex components of Wok-Fired Shrimp, such as the three hot peppers, bring a whole new experience to the flavor profiles our guests know and love,” said Chef Jimmy Wang, Director of Culinary Innovation for Panda Express. “The Wok Hei is the star ingredient as well, adding smokiness and another layer of complexity that elevates the shrimp and vegetables.” 

Passed down by generations of Chinese culinary experts, the wok is the original one-pot cooking vessel that is synonymous with Panda Express. The art of the wokking at every store– from the use of the open flame to the chefs’ innate sense of rhythm when tossing and catching – unlocks each ingredient’s distinct flavor.

As the latest addition to Panda Express’ extensive better-for-you Wok Smart™ menu, Wok-Fired Shrimp offers another option guests can feel good about ordering, featuring 17 grams of protein and only 190 calories per serving. Chef Jimmy recommends enjoying this entree with steamed rice and Super Greens, the new mixed vegetable side dish at Panda Express. Guests can order the limited-time menu item online at, through the Panda Express mobile app or by visiting any of its locations nationwide.

Panda Express will roll out a new :30 video featuring Wok-Fired Shrimp and a Mandarin-Chinese rendition of the American classic “Ring of Fire” on March 4. The striking commercial highlights the multi-sensorial experience of wok cooking and tells a playful love story between the ingredients, married together by the breath of the wok. The succulent shrimp and crisp vegetables dance away around the flickering flame and fall deeply in love, into the burning ring of fire and onto the dinner plate—a happy ending. See the story unfold at