Panda Express "Racks" Up Flavorful New Chinese Spare Ribs

Chinese Spare Ribs

East Meets West with Chinese Char Siu Inspired St. Louis-Cut Ribs

ROSEMEAD, California – Panda Express, America’s favorite Chinese restaurant, is bringing a new blend of flavors to its menu. For a limited time beginning March 18, Panda is introducing Chinese Spare Ribs, which are marinated and slow-cooked, then wok-fired in an irresistible Chinese BBQ sauce. The new ribs blend bold Chinese and classic American flavors and make for the perfect entree or family-style appetizer.

“Our new Chinese Spare Ribs represent the perfect blend of flavors and technique that took our culinary team, led by Executive Chef Andy Kao, four years to perfect. Inspired by the char sui flavor of traditional Chinese BBQ and the slow-cook method of classic American ribs, Panda is excited to offer guests this entree just in time for spring and summer," said Dave Wallinga, vice president of Marketing for Panda Express.

The heart of the dish is its unique ingredients and preparation, which begins by selecting the finest spare ribs – tender St. Louis-cut ribs. The premium meat is marinated and slow-cooked for five hours in custom ovens to create fork-tender texture. The tender ribs are then wok-fired in Panda’s traditional Chinese BBQ sauce (made of signature ingredients including sesame oil, Mirin, red chili bean paste, garlic and red peppers) to caramelize the flavors on the exterior of the savory pork ribs.

“Ribs and BBQ in general are a shared experience. As a family-owned company, Panda is committed to connecting people through our food and offering a wide variety of quality entrees that can be enjoyed by everyone. I've been a huge ribs fan my entire life and the first time I tried our Chinese Spare Ribs I was blown away by how great they tasted. Where else but Panda can you get ribs this good at this price point?” said Wallinga.

Chinese Spare Ribs are available for a limited time, March 18, 2015 through July 28, 2015. Guests can order the dish online at, through Panda’s mobile app, or by visiting any of Panda’s 1,800 locations.