Connie Chung, Michael Chang Among Trail-blazing Heroes Featured in Inspirational Short Video for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Chung and Chang Join Andrew and Peggy Cherng as Panda Express celebrates the journeys of Asian Pacific American icons

ROSEMEAD, Calif. (May 1, 2018) – Panda Express is proud of its Asian American heritage. America’s favorite Chinese kitchen celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) with a short documentaryhighlighting the perseverance and humility of APA luminaries including Connie Chung, the first Asian American to co-anchor a national newscast; Michael Chang, the youngest male to win a Grand Slam title in tennis; and Peggy and Andrew Cherng, the co-founders of the world’s largest Asian restaurant concept.

As part of the company’s APAHM celebration in May, Panda Express released the #Trailblazers video online, highlighting the dreams and obstacles of Chung and Chang, along with the Cherngs, all of whom are part of a legacy of APA luminaries who inspire others to better their lives and reach unimaginable goals while overcoming adversity. These APA “firsts” share a commonality in their pursuit of the American dream and offer words of wisdom and encouragement to motivate future generations.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of APAHM’s existence, as an official resolution for the celebration was signed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. As a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders within the U.S., APAHM is a time to pay homage to the contributions of the APA community that have enriched America’s history and contributed to the nation’s strength and diversity. Shared APA values such as hard work, gratitude and deep sacrifice particularly characterize the community’s heroes.

“As an immigrant-founded business, we have been fortunate to realize the American Dream through Panda Express,” said Andrew Cherng, co-founder of Panda Restaurant Group. “Many Asian Pacific Americans have contributed so greatly to this country, and we hope to inspire the community with their stories. We will continue to seek ways to pay it forward, honoring the heroes who have broken barriers and helped to develop a lasting legacy for all who have come to America in hope of a brighter future.”

An American-born company, Panda Express began its journey as a one-unit family owned business in Southern California known as Panda Inn. The restaurant was founded by Chinese immigrants who valued the grit and determination it required to overcome adversity on the path to success, and because of this, the company has successfully grown to more than 2,000 stores worldwide and will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year.

The Cherngs have carried their core values of humility and perseverance into their business with a people-first mentality, believing that the more you give to the world, the more the world will give back. Panda Express strives to create a family-centric work environment and treats its associates as such, with personal and professional improvement opportunities as well as development classes to provide opportunities that they may not otherwise have.

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