Panda in the News

Panda Express Chork Brand
The chork is the fork-chopstick love child that America deserves

Meet “the chork”: a fork-chopstick hybrid that is, depending on whom you ask, genius, stupid, fun or ridiculous, and most likely a mixture...

Andrew and Peggy Cherng Brand
Panda Express Touts 'American Chinese Classic' with New General Tso's Chicken

In 1973, Ming-Tsai Cherng opened a small Chinese restaurant in Pasadena, California. Using family funds and a small loan, Cherng kept...

Fortunate Cookies Brand
Panda Express Gives the Fortune Cookie a 'Bakeover'

Crack open a fortune cookie and you’re likely to see words of wisdom like “Your smile is a passport into the heart of others” or advice like...