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Orange chicken burrito Food
Exclusive Panda Express Spots Are Serving Orange Chicken Burritos, Here's Where To Find Them

A while back, folks lost it when Panda Express released an Orange Chicken "Burrito" at their Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, CA...

Bowl of orange chicken and photo of Andrea Cherng Brand
Cherng Celebrates Her Family Restaurant Roots

The next time you grab a bite at a food court, look around. Chances are you’ll see a Panda Express.

Panda Express Chinese New Year's Celebration Kit Brand
Panda Express Rings In Chinese New Year With Food, Fun, and ‘Feastivities’

Andrea Cherng was studying abroad in Singapore when she found herself standing outside of a restaurant, looking in through the window...

Fortune cookies Brand
Panda Express Brings Its Sticky Sweet Orange Chicken to Brooklyn

America’s orange chicken king Panda Express now has a location in Brooklyn, another step in the buffet-style chain’s big NYC expansion plan.

Panda Express Chork Brand
The chork is the fork-chopstick love child that America deserves

Meet “the chork”: a fork-chopstick hybrid that is, depending on whom you ask, genius, stupid, fun or ridiculous, and most likely a mixture...

Andrew and Peggy Cherng Brand
Panda Express Touts 'American Chinese Classic' with New General Tso's Chicken

In 1973, Ming-Tsai Cherng opened a small Chinese restaurant in Pasadena, California. Using family funds and a small loan, Cherng kept...